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ISO 27001 security standard compliance

Securely Streamline your ATO Document Processing


Enhanced security features to safeguard your clients' data & confidentiality.

  • ATO approved Digital Service Provider for 5 years

  • ATO API secure integration

  • ISO27001 certification

  • 2FA/MFA delivery of all ATO documents

  • 2FA/MFA email delivery of ATO documents

Secure ATO document delivery.
Protecting your clients & your firm.

  • We never deliver your ATO documents as attachments to emails

  • ATO documents are delivered to your clients with the same security as MyGov accounts (2FA/MFA)

  • ATO SmartDocs aligns your security with the ATO 

Smiling Businessman
Businessman with Mobile Phone

Seamless secure notifications. 
Enhance Client Engagement and Payment Reliability

Unique multi-channel secure notification for your clients (they receive an email with no attachments and a text message with a PIN simultaneously).

In case a client misses the email, they will see the text message. Never get blamed for a missed payment by one of your clients again.

Secure delivery of your email via your Office 365 API and SMTP (It means all emails come from you system and domain)

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