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Our pricing plans

Find one that works for you

 Pricing based on total number of tax returns lodged annually

All the above plans come with:


GST Inclusive


Full System


Unlimited ATO Documents


Direct API Link to ATO


Free Consultation


FREE Access to SmartBOT


One Button, Does It all

New Product: The Vault
An integrated client document portal with secure 2FA access, housing a historical library of documents. Priced at just 50% of each monthly price listed in the columns above.


  • All figures GST Inclusive

  • The monthly fee is for unlimited ATO document processing. (No bill shock)

  • ATO SmartDocs comes with 2FA on emails to protect your clients, the text messages cost 8 cents each. (160 Characters)

  • ATO Smartdocs sends all emails to your clients via your Office 365 account and are easily accessible through the sent folder.

  • ATO SmartDocs includes a text scanning, (OCR module) for the paper only ATO documents you still receive from the ATO.

  • ATO SmartDocs includes the direct API link to the ATO. This means that overnight we can import all of your available ATO documents from the ATO servers automatically.

  • Sends all emails through Office 365 or your SMTP.

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